Quick Stop in Seattle

We popped up to Seattle this week for a short visit. Jonathon had work meetings all day and I tagged along for the ride. I didn't take a ton of photos, but 96% of you on instagram voted that I should post these, so here they are!

We stayed at Hotel Theodore in Downtown Seattle. It was chosen for the name (because of our cat, Theodore) and the gorgeous bathroom. The location was super convenient as we were a short walk to Pike Place market and the pier.

Super warm and inviting. Definitely using this as interior inspo when we build a house.

Super warm and inviting. Definitely using this as interior inspo when we build a house.

The evening we were there, Jonathon finished up meetings late, so we were trying to decide where to eat after 8pm. We wanted to try The Pink Door, but we weren't sure on a time and didn't make a reservation, which somehow is needed for a Wednesday evening. We ended up choosing a little spot called The Carlile Room. I didn't take any photos here because I was tired and hangry, but it was a really cool lounge that had a list of delicious apps. I got a non alcoholic beverage that was basically pineapple and jalapeño kombucha--shockingly refreshing and delicious.  
We got some starters and I had an impossible burger. 

After we ate, we went right to bed. The hotel's bed was so comfortable and we both actually slept well.

The next morning, we got up and walked to a place called Biscuit Bitch for breakfast. You could hear the loud music down the street and we walked up to a crowd of people waiting for their food. "Hey bitches!" and "Come here bitch" is heard over and over. Very pumped up atmosphere, especially for early morning. They had a mushroom gravy option, so I got a biscuit covered with mushroom gravy, garlic grits, cheese, egg. So good and even though I ate only half, I was definitely in a food coma.

These food pics are awful...but I didn't plan on posting anything haha. 

After we ate, we spent some time exploring the Market and watching the people performing on th corners. When we felt like we'd recovered from breakfast, we walked up to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.


Beautiful, large building with industrial decor to make anyone drool.

Jonathon got a tasting and I had a decaf affogato. Yummm. We sat and chatted at the family table for a while. Jonathon shared his coffee since the flight came with 24 oz of coffee. His favourite was the Congo and the Hawaii was his least favourite. 

We chatted with some of the employees about how the roasting works. Super interesting and the machines were so beautiful.

After we had our coffee fix, we walked back down towards the pier, did a little shopping, and then headed to Ye Old Curiosity Shop, founded in 1899! It is a little shop at the pier that has shrunken heads, taxidermy, mummies, and fun gimmicky items.

We shopped around here and then headed to Pike Place Chowder. The line was wrapped around the building, but moved quickly. Jonathon got a smoked salmon chowder and I was able to get a vegan chowder! Super exciting. I've never had chowder before. The vegan chowder had sort of a curry flavour, it was super delicious and filling. Coconut based, so it was nice and thick.

I snapped a photo for instagram stories, so it's a really trash photo, but I had a lot of people ask about the chowder. The site says "Velvety chowder prepared with the freshest vegetables simmered in coconut milk, enhanced with the zesty, sunshine flavor of lime juice."

Pike Place Chowder is right next to Rachel's Ginger Beer, a spot I'd read about online and was glad it was in the area. I got a caramelized pineapple ginger beer, and Jonathon got the Blood Orange one. Delicious. I'm glad there isn't one in Portland because we'd go there too often.

We headed home after that! We weren't here very long, but I figured I'd share the photos I took.

Thank you for viewing. (:


Seattle Zoo Day

This is not my typical blog post...actually, I don't even think I have a typical one since I post so little, (whoops) but after our recent trip to Seattle, I had a lot of people asking to see more of the snapshots I'd posted in my stories! (that was a long sentence)

I'm blessed to live in a place where it's easy and relatively cheap to go to cool attractions like museums and zoos, so I love sharing on my Instagram stories for those who don't get to see things like this often (or ever) 

I took a lot of photos on my phone and I might add those later, but here is a small gallery of snaps from the Seattle Aquarium and Zoo that I took on my camera.

Hope you like! Let me know if I should post more like this (: (If you're on mobile, just tap the image and it'll open in a larger view)