Seattle Zoo Day

This is not my typical blog post...actually, I don't even think I have a typical one since I post so little, (whoops) but after our recent trip to Seattle, I had a lot of people asking to see more of the snapshots I'd posted in my stories! (that was a long sentence)

I'm blessed to live in a place where it's easy and relatively cheap to go to cool attractions like museums and zoos, so I love sharing on my Instagram stories for those who don't get to see things like this often (or ever) 

I took a lot of photos on my phone and I might add those later, but here is a small gallery of snaps from the Seattle Aquarium and Zoo that I took on my camera.

Hope you like! Let me know if I should post more like this (: (If you're on mobile, just tap the image and it'll open in a larger view)