Rouge and Rogue Lashes Review (Dragon Brushes, Favourite Styles..etc)

Rouge and Rogue, formerly Black Magic Lashes, has been a part of my makeup routine for a couple of years. My first blog about them was in 2016. I'm revisiting to show you their new items, styles, and more pics!

I remember the first package I received from them and I was blown away by everything!  I'd never seen a company take so much time into their packaging and design. I've been hooked ever since.  

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(Seriously, how beautiful are these!!)

(Seriously, how beautiful are these!!)

Rouge and Rogue introduced their Dragon Brushes last year! The dragon brush collection is a mystical collection that contains 9 makeup brushes with gorgeous, black dragon scale handles and super soft, fiery red bristles. Each set comes with a matching pouch that fits the brushes perfectly! (They are vegan and cruelty freeee)

There at 9 brushes total.  Five of them are face brushes and four are eye brushes. These are SO soft and so far, I haven't had any loose bristles. Also, I haven't managed to stain them yet with a dark shadow, so that's a win! 


On to the lashes, Rouge and Rogue carries some of my most favourite lash styles, which I will show a few below. They are all well made and last many times. I've worn some over 20-30 times and even when washed, they dry nicely for rewear.  Their band isn't hard and super thick, but it's not super flimsy.  

I have hooded and downturned eyes, so I usually have to trim my lashes to get them to work for me, but most of these work "out of the box" for me with a couple exceptions --Luminarra, Lady Killer, and Slayer--I had to cut these a little bit to fit my eye shape better.

Look how nice and fluffy Miss Fury is!

Look how nice and fluffy Miss Fury is!


My all time faves are Alpha Girl, Fetish, Paradox, and Riot! (I love them all, but I wear these the most for everyday stuff)

Here are a few of my looks that use Rouge and Rogue Lashes:

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