I get loads of questions across the interweb about what products I use for a multitude of things.  Today, I'll be sharing with you my favourite products for my skin care. 

Note: I have VERY dry skin.  Some of these products are skin specific, so if you want any recommendations for a different skin type, just let me know.


Item Number 1: Nutrilite Complex for Hair, Skin, & Nails.

I've gone through bottles of this stuff.  I love it.  It works miracles for my nails, and it keeps my hair healthy.  I notice significantly less hair shedding and breakage when I'm taking these vitamins.  My nails are hard and don't break once they get to a long length.  I've even stopped taking this stuff to see if I saw a difference, and I definitely did. 

This is a vegetarian product.  Most hair, skin, & nail vitamins use fish oil or other animal products, so I purchased this one because it is safe for my diet! **The packaging has changed since I purchased my most recent bottle.

Get it here from Amway: Nutrilite
*It's cheaper on amazon, but I read that it's not safe to buy there because you might be getting old pills..etc  If you want to take the gamble, here is the link: Nutrilute



Item Number 2: Indigo Wild Zum Bar Soap

I LOVE this soap.  I found this soap back when I was in high school at a local health store.  I bought a sample pack and fell in love.  Since then, I've tested a bunch of bars and found the ones that work the best with my skin type.  
I use the Lavender-Rosemary bar for my face in the mornings when I shower and I use the Dragons Blood bar in the evening after I remove my makeup.  
They both smell so amazing and the aroma permeates my entire house.  These are very moisturizing and my skin always feels so refreshed.

If you're curious "why goat's milk?" is a really good explanation:.
Here is a link to their website: Indigo Wild
*if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a free bar with purchase



Item Number 3: Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1

Most of the women in my family use Clinique. So, I of course, hopped on that train.  I've never been a huge fan of their makeup, but their skin care line is amazing. 
I used to use their 3 Step skin care line, but I found better options that they carried.  However, I did stick with their Clarifying Lotion.  I use this as soon as I get out of the shower in the morning and I use it immediately after I wash my face in the evening.  This is a non-drying exfoliator, it refines pores, and helps skin accept moisture.  It's basically witch hazel, but an improved version. I apply my moisturizer immediately after I use this liquid. 

Get it here: Clarifying Lotion
*I typically purchase mine from Nordstrom just because it's more convenient to walk into the store, but I order online when I don't want to leave the house haha.


Item Number 4: Clinique Superdefense

My grandmother got me on this product.  This is the most moisturizing moisturizer I've ever used.  I used Clinique's "Dramatically Different" moisturizing lotion, but I never felt like it was "enough."  It was great, but it was almost a little too watery for my skin.  My skin soaked it up and needed more. I switched from that to the "Superdefense daily defense moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 20" (what a name!)  This is an oil free moisturizer, it keeps my skin hydrated all day, and has UVA/UAB protecton (keep those wrinkles at bay...stay out of the sun)  It is more than double the price of the other lotion I was using, but I don't need much to cover my face.  It probably takes me 6 months to use the entire 50ml container. It's worth the price 100%. 

Get it here: Superdefense Moisturizer



Item Number 5: Muddy Boddy Detox Mask

I saw Muddy Body floating around on Instagram and HAD to try.  I have the Detox and the Refresh mask.  While I like the Refresh mask, I feel like the Detox works the BEST for my skin.  It made my skin feel so tight and refreshed after using it.  The formula helps balance skin, prevents wrinkles, reduces pore size, and acts as a moisturizer.  
It's really easy to use and the best part of it being a powder is you don't have a certain period you have to use it in. It has a shelf life of 12 months, and I know I'll use it all before then. (Lush's Ayesha mask is amazing, but I don't use it all in the few days it needs to be used.  I end up throwing a lot away)

They've given me a discount code for you guys! Use "AYCARTER" at checkout for 10% off! 

Get it here: Muddy Body



Item Number 6: Pond's Cold Cream

I've been using Pond's Cold Cream since before I can remember.  My mother and grandmother used it, so it was the first remover I ever tried...and it's been my go-to makeup remover since. I've tried so many removers, and this is by far the best.  (I do LOVE Cinique's Oil Free Liquid cleanser, but I use way too much for it to be worth the price haha)
This is a moisturizing cleanser.  It removes any of the crazy stuff I put on my face while adding back much needed moisture. I buy the largest size and refill my travel size with it. 

Get it here: Pond's Cold Cream



I hope this was helpful for you! I'm going to be posting another Must Haves: Makeup edition soon.  I get tons of questions about my foundation, powder, and concealer, so I'll be answering those soon!

**Note: None of these products are sponsored.  This is my honest opinion and these products are what I use daily on my skin.