It's that Time of Year Again! (Halloween, duh)

Hello everyone!

Popping on here to give you a little deal for holiday!

Pinkyparadise, my ultimate favourite lens company, has given me a 50% off code for Halloween.  It starts today(19 Sept) and goes on until Halloween! (31 Oct)(*note: Scleras are not included in this discount)

I've been buying and wearing Pinky Paradise lenses for at 7+ years. I've never ever had eye issues or any problems with their lenses. I find them all to be comfortable and beautiful. I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't trust their product! 

My everyday lenses come from them as well as all of my costume/cosplay lenses! 

Click here to go to the site! --> and enter 50AYCARTER at check out! (again, scleras are not included, but I did throw a photo of me wearing them into the gallery.. just in case)

***To maintain transparency, I want to let you know that this blog post is not sponsored. My opinions are my own and are truthful. I have purchased many, many contacts from this site. However, I do receive a very small percentage from the sales using my link at, which helps me purchase supplies for my makeup art/everyday contacts/products to review...etc.  But, I generally try to put that towards creating art. If you would like to support me, thank you so much! I try to post any coupon codes and links I get from companies, whether I get any percentage from them or not. I'm all about saving money, so I like helping those that like to do so as well!