Quick Trip to the California Redwoods

We took a very quick trip all the way down to Northern California last week.  Jonathon needed to be pretty far down in Oregon for something, so we decided to make use of that long drive and take a detour to see the Redwoods!

We (aka Jonathon since he didn't want me to drive) drove 20 hours of the 36 hours trip, so it was lots of sitting in the car and staring out the window at the beautiful scenery.  We stopped a few times, but on the first day, we were trying to make it down there before it got too dark!

The weather was pretty brutal on the way down. Portland usually only has drizzling rain, but it was a pretty heavy downpour for most of the drive.  The drive was gorgeous. Lots of trees, hills, fog, and coastal views.

I figured I'd upload the shots from our trip on here since they aren't what I'd call "instagram worthy" aka, they don't fit my feed. ;P None of these are "award winning" shots. Just tourist/travel shots. Many were taking from the car window.  Some are phone, some are camera!

We drove through the Avenue of the Giants and stopped to hug the trees and walk around.  My wide angle lens may or may not have been broken since last summer, so I only had a 35mm and a 70-105mm, and neither (obviously) were near wide enough to capture the size of these trees. We took phone panoramas, so it's a distorted view, but it's still pretty neat.

We stopped a few more times down the road to look at more trees, attempt at photos in the incredibly dark and foggy forest, and may or may not have taken a beautiful fallen piece of tree.

We drove all the way through the Avenue to the Drive Thru tree near Myers Flat.  It's normally closed in the Winter months, but thankfully it was open! We tossed some dollars into the collection box and drove through (twice, once to take a pic and once to be in the car)

Once we finished the drive thought the giants, we got back on the road and headed north to go home.  We passed by a massive field FULL of elk. We stopped and turned around to get a little closer. I wanted to hug them all. They were very close and didn't care at all to be near a bunch of weird humans.

Last, we stopped at a little viewing area be the beach to look at some massive waves, dark gravel-like sand and weird coloured rocks. Oh and I thought my shoe looked nice with the ground 😂 Once we got our rainy beach fix, we left and finished the drive back home!