Vegas Trip

Last week, I got to pop over to Vegas!  Jonathon had work duties, so I came in after and we toured around for a short bit.  Here is a little gallery of some shots I took while we were there!

Some are camera, some are phone.  Most of these are snapshots, but I know you guys always enjoy the zoo/aquarium pics, so good or not, I like to take them for you! Tap or click on the image to open the full size.  Let me know in the comments if you'd rather me post them individually so you can see them all without tapping.  It would just make a much longer blog post to scroll through.

We visited the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. It was a very short "exhibit," of sorts, but it was quite enjoyable.  We got there as soon as they opened, so we didn't have any crowds or noisy kids running about.

We wandered up and down the strip, stopping through each of the casinos and people watching.  The Bellagio was set up for Chinese New Year with the most beautiful decorations. 

We Ubered (use alisec86ue for your first ride free) to and from all of our locations and one evening we went down to Freemont. This place had so much energy and was full of people.  We walked all the way down to the Container Park where we found a shop that sold vegan jerky (it was made of cactus!)

I'm obsessed with the mantis at the entrance.  It shoots fire from its antennae. Freemont felt more like the "party area." Or at least it did for a normal weekday. Lots of very inebriated people and very drunk white girls dancing in the most comical way. We don't drink, but it's definitely entertaining watching people dance under alcohol's influence.

They had a band playing and then on the hour the entire ceiling lit up with a lightshow.  

We also went all the way back to the strip to check out The Venetian and walk through the mall connected to it. There was an asian nightclub/restaurant there that peaked our interest, so we went back there the following evening. 

We had purchased the 3 for $57 attraction combo for the Share Reef, Bodies exhibit, and the Adventure Dome.  The Shark Reef was shown at the beginning of this post and the Bodies exhibit allowed no photography. We'd been to a Bodies exhibit before, but it's always so interesting and both of us quite enjoyed seeing it again. 

We Ubered to the Adventure Dome to find out they were closed on an irritated me pitched a polite bitch fit when we got back to the Luxor Hotel ticket booth to get our tickets switched to something else--which ended up being for the Titanic Exhibit.  

The Titanic exhibit was a lot more entertaining than I thought it was going to be.  It had actual artifacts from the ship and a small, but gigantic portion of the ship on display. There was a giant room that was below freezing that contained a massive block of ice that you could touch/interact with.  This exhibit also said no photography, but since I wasn't going to be disrespecting any of the deceased, I might have snapped a few shots.  

We did so much walking, my sneakers gave me blisters! I wanted to go to the Coca Cola store so Jonathon could try all the weird and disgusting sodas around the world.  I had done this when I was very young at the Atlanta Coke Museum, so I wanted to try it again. We ordered the Float and Soda Flight and made ourselves sick on the sugar.  Most of the international flavours weren't for our tastebuds (especially Beverly..RIP my tongue) but it was fun to try them all...even immaturely mix them all together to taste the combination. 

The trip was short, but I don't know how much longer I could have survived in that air. The shroud of cigarette smoke made the both of us sick and destroyed my skin haha. It was nice to get back home to our vehicles and food and clean, pure Oregon air and water. 

Thanks for reading! <3