Rituel De Fille Product Review

Rituel de Fille is a new makeup brand that I happened upon on instagram. (@ritueldefille)  Their branding feeds my aesthetic and I was super excited to get to try some of their products.  The company is founded by three very talented sisters and "inspired by the magical side of natural ingrediant, and the ritualistic, ceremonial power of pigment."  
All of their products are 99% natural, do not test on animals, and are completely cruelty free. 

Let's get started with their Forbidden Lipsticks-- I have ChrysalisFortune Teller, Night WandererShadow Self.

My first impression of these is how interesting their packaging is-- Sleek, long tubes that remind me of the lipsticks I used to try on in my mothers makeup drawer as a child. When you remove the top of any of the lipsticks, a lovely aroma of jojoba and lavender welcomes you. 

Before I tried them on my lips, I swatched them on my arm.  The swatches are without primer and are one generous application. They are very pigmented and super buttery. 
Fortune Teller is a deep berry with a nice shine, Chrysalis is a matte green with a bit of a shimmer to it, Night Wanderer is a pale, blackened purple with shimmer, and Shadow Self is close to a dark indigo and has a muted shimmer to it.

I love these lippies.  They are moisturizing, they smell lovely, and they stay on all day.

On to their Cream Blush

I've never used a cream blush before with the exception of a vibrant orange MAC cream blush I used for one of my clown looks haha. I don't wear a ton of blush normally, because I find most usually give me a "just ran 4 miles and can't breathe" look. 
However, these tones were very captivating and I had to try them. (And, they are safe to use for cheek, eyes, and lips, so there's that!)

I have Lovesick and Desire inner glow cream blush. Lovesick is said to be the shade of rose, however on my skin it was a wee bit warmer than I expected.  It's a dewy matte and blends beautifully on my cheeks. Desire is my favourite of the two, It's a mauvey colour that works well for blush and I love to use it on my eyelids. 
My swatches below are applied with a brush for an even layer, and have no primer underneath. 

Left to Right:  Lovesick ,  Desire

Left to Right: Lovesick, Desire

The Ash & Ember Eye Soot is the perfect blend of powder and cream. I have four of their shades: Obsidian (metallic black), Serpent de Mer (dark violet-taupe with golden shimmer), Viscera (warm red), and Half Light (shimmering pale-taupe)

I've played around with these a lot.  I've only gotten around to photographing one look with them, and I'll post it at the end.  These are great for just about everything from using a powder brush and blending in your crease, an angle brush for the perfect winged liner, or just your finger or flat brush to cover your lid. The texture is pretty much like a wet powder in a solid form.  It's easy to apply, easy to blend, and isn't sticky like a cream shadow would be.  

Left to Right:  Obsidian ,  Serpent de Mer ,  Viscera , &  Half Light  Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Left to Right: Obsidian, Serpent de Mer, Viscera, & Half Light Ash and Ember Eye Soot

The swatches were applied with a flat brush and were applied on bare skin (no primer.)

Left to Right:   Half Light ,  Serpent de Mer ,  Obsidian , &  Viscera  Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Left to Right:  Half LightSerpent de MerObsidian, & Viscera Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Look created with  Rituel de Fille  Ash and Ember eye soot  "Serpent De Mer"  with  Sugarpill  " Poison plum ." Wearing  Unicorn Lashes "Vespertine"

Look created with Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember eye soot "Serpent De Mer" with Sugarpill "Poison plum." Wearing Unicorn Lashes "Vespertine"

All in all, I would definitely recommend these products! I need to get some more looks photographed for view.  I've worn everything in phone selfies, but that's a whole other ballgame haha. 
I have their newest collection on the way to me, so as soon as I play around with those, I'll let you know what I think!